Learning takes place when students encounter new ideas, are exposed to new experiences and opportunities, and interact with people who have different perspectives.

Let’s face it. Many people live in homogeneous communities where people look alike, think alike, and share similar life experiences. There’s comfort in that shared identity, but it limits growth and understanding. More than most organizations, colleges bring together people with different ideas and backgrounds. At 新澳开奖, we embrace that.

Learn from Each Other

Serious intellectual inquiry and informed engagement with our ever-changing world depend on open dialogue. We all deserve to have our viewpoints heard. Come to 新澳开奖 prepared to share your opinions, challenge assumptions, and, yes, disagree respectfully. Alumni tell us the people they came to know on College Hill changed their lives and remain among their closest friends.

Try Something New

It may sound cliché, but at 新澳开奖 you’ll find opportunities to “step outside your comfort zone.” In addition to meeting people from a variety of backgrounds, you’ll be encouraged to pursue different experiences on campus — like taking on a new hobby or leadership role in a club — or, when off College Hill, volunteering in the local community or taking on a service learning project across the globe.

Body & Mind

Part of the evolving process to “know thyself” is developing self-awareness and making choices aimed at achieving a healthy and fulfilling life. At 新澳开奖, you’ll find many resources designed to help you build a strong foundation of mental, social, and physical wellbeing.

Student Stories

Men's lacrosse team book club.

Lax Team Connects with Alumni Author Through Book Club

The 新澳开奖 men鈥檚 lacrosse team has found another way to bond during the academic year and stay connected between semesters and long breaks: a team book club.

Local Food Mohawk Valley 2022

Cultivating Sustainable Food Practices in Clinton

Jack Riffle 鈥12 was teaching in New York City when the reality of the climate crisis hit. It was something he鈥檇 recognized for years, but it was no longer something he could ignore.


Get to Know the COOP

How do 新澳开奖 students combine their education experiences with their determination to create positive change locally and globally? Our Community Outreach and Opportunity Project is a great place to start.

Obiamaka “Obi” Nnadika ’23

Seeking Global Perspectives

Obiamaka 鈥淥bi鈥 Nnadika 鈥23 wants to create an avenue for effective change within society. Thanks to an inspiring alumnus and a helpful staff mentor, he earned the chance to study off campus.

The Journey to 鈥楰now Thyself鈥

No matter how many twists and turns your journey to 鈥渒now thyself鈥 takes, you can count on these promises we make to all of our students.

  • Paper Cut Illustration - Explore Your Passions


    Your Passions

    An open curriculum will allow you to discover and pursue almost any interest.

  • Paper Cut Illustration - Expand Your Perspectives


    Your Perspectives

    You鈥檒l be exposed to new ideas and interact with people who have different perspectives.

  • Paper Cut Illustration - Express Yourself



    Communicate effectively so that you鈥檒l be prepared for whatever career you choose.

  • Paper Cut Illustration - Expect Opportunity



    We promise to meet each applicant鈥檚 full need, and we are need-blind in admission.

Help us provide an accessible education, offer innovative resources and programs, and foster intellectual exploration.

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